Help support the Burdick Lab via the B.A.A. 10K!

We’re taking part in the B.A.A. 10K road race on June 23rd 2019. Support our lab by making a donation to our team of runners.

Dr. Burdick presents at 2019 Congress of the Schizophrenia International Research Society

Inflammation and cognitive outcome was discussed at the symposium held during the conference.

Posters presented at Harvard Psychiatry Research Day

Research assistants Cierra Harper, Jessica Poskus and Sarah Rose Slate, along with Dr. Millett presented research posters at the annual HMS event.

Burdick Lab presents at 2019 International Society of Bipolar Disorders

Dr. Burdick, Dr. Millett & Meg Shanahan attended the 21st annual conference and presented the lab’s work through symposia and poster sessions.

Dr. Burdick delivers keynote at Australian Psychological Society

At the meeting, the address highlighted neurocognitive profiles of bipolar disorder and the future of neuropsychiatric research and diagnosis.

Lab investigator selected for 2018 Emerging Scholar Travel Award to conference

At the National Network of Depression Centers conference, Dr. Lipschitz will present results from a survey on patient interest in and barriers to engagement with mobile apps for depression and anxiety.

Burdick Lab receives Brigham Research Institute NextGen award

A research award from the Brigham Research Institute is supporting the Burdick Lab’s research in establishing a first-of-its-kind international consortium.

Dr. Burdick presents at WFSBP Asia Pacific Regional Congress of Biological Psychiatry

At this symposium, Dr. Burdick presented a primer for clinicians on the assessment of cognitive function in bipolar disorder.

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