38th Brazilian Congress of Psychiatry 

Dr. Burdick presents keynote lecture at Brazil meeting in October 2021, titled, “Does Bipolar Disorder have a Neuroprogressive Course?”

Dr. Burdick receives October 2021 Colvin Prize Award

Dr. Burdick is one of three recipients that received the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Colvin Prize Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mood Disorder Research. At this symposium, she presented “Cognitive impairment and Functional Disability in Bipolar Disorder – How Can We Optimize Outcomes?”

Drs. Mahon and Millett receive September 2021 Pillar Awards

Pillar Awards recognize achievements in the five pillars of academic medicine. Dr. Pamela Mahon receives the “Research Collaboration Award,” and Dr. Cailtin Millett receives “Postdoctoral Research Fellow Leadership Award.”

Dr. Burdick presents at 2021 BWH Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Presentation was titled, “Neurocognitive Subgroups in Bipolar Disorder – What can they tell us about clinical and biological mechanisms that drive disease?”

Dr. Burdick presents at 2021 MGH Grand Rounds

At this lecture, Dr. Burdick presented on “Neurocognitive Heterogeneity in Bipolar Disorder – Clinical and Biological Correlates.”

Dr. Burdick receives NIH funding for R01 project

December 2020 marked the beginning of a new research project titled “Brain-based Mechanisms of Emotion Regulation in Aging and Mood Disorders”. Find additional info on our list of research projects.

Dr. Lipschitz receives NIH career development award

Her K23 application titled “Toward Optimizing Digital Mental Health Interventions: A Clinical Trial Aimed at Understanding What Drives Patient Engagement” was awarded in April 2020.

Burdick Lab publication featured as “Editors’ Choice”

The paper titled “Emotional processing subtypes in bipolar disorder: A cluster analysis” was given this honor in an April 2020 issue of Journal of Affective Disorders.

Lab investigator selected for 2020 ISCTM Young Investigator Award

Dr. Lipschitz was a recipient of this award to attend the annual scientific meeting of the International Society for CNS Clinical Trials and Methodology in February.

Dr. Lipschitz named a 2019 Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Young Investigator

The application titled “A Biobehavioral Approach to Re-classifying Bipolar Disorder to Inform Precision Medicine” was awarded in January 2020.

ACNP 2019 annual meeting participation

Members of the Burdick Lab presented their work at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology’s 2019 Annual Meeting.

Drs. Burdick and Lipschitz awarded 2019 BWH Connors Center funding

The goal of the The Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology IGNITE Awards is to advance understanding of female-specific and sex-differentiated effects in novel therapeutics.

Research featured in Brigham Bulletin

Our lab’s work highlighting a potential link between inflammation and cognitive deficits was featured in Brigham and Women’s weekly news publication.

Dr. Burdick presents at 2019 Molecular Psychiatry Association annual meeting

Inflammatory biomarkers were discussed at a symposium titled “Using Molecular and Neuroimaging Biomarkers to Dissect the Heterogeneity of Psychiatric Illness.”

NNDC 2019 annual meeting participation

Research assistants Jessica Poskus and Sarah Rose Slate presented posters and Drs. Millett and Lee received travel awards for their poster presentations at the 2019 annual meeting of the National Network of Depression Centers.

Burdick Lab receives second Brigham Research Institute NextGen award

The Brigham Research Institute awarded a subsequent year of funding to support our ICONIC-BD project.

Dr. Burdick presents at 2019 Congress of the Schizophrenia International Research Society

Inflammation and cognitive outcome was discussed at the symposium held during the conference.

Posters presented at Harvard Psychiatry Research Day

Research assistants Cierra Harper, Jessica Poskus and Sarah Rose Slate along with Dr. Millett presented research posters at the annual HMS event.

Burdick Lab presents at 2019 International Society of Bipolar Disorders

Dr. Burdick, Dr. Millett and Meg Shanahan attended the 21st annual conference and presented the lab’s work through symposia and poster sessions.

Dr. Burdick delivers keynote at Australian Psychological Society

The address at the meeting highlighted neurocognitive profiles of bipolar disorder and the future of neuropsychiatric research and diagnosis.

Lab investigator selected for 2018 Emerging Scholar Travel Award for conference

At the National Network of Depression Centers conference, Dr. Lipschitz will present results from a survey on patient interest in and barriers to engagement with mobile apps for depression and anxiety.

Burdick Lab receives Brigham Research Institute NextGen award

A research award from the Brigham Research Institute is supporting the Burdick Lab’s research in establishing a first-of-its-kind international consortium.

Dr. Burdick presents at WFSBP Asia Pacific Regional Congress of Biological Psychiatry

At this symposium, Dr. Burdick presented a primer for clinicians on the assessment of cognitive function in bipolar disorder.

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